Bug Attack! is a game inspired by arcade classics including Missile Command and Space Invaders.

Players are tasked with protecting their building as long as they can. Bugs emerge from the ground, many of which from random locations, at an increasing rate. Which is the greater enemy? The bug horde, or your own nerves?

To help, once you've earned certain amounts of points, you earn powerful bug bombs, and health-restoring building repair kits- but not even these can fight the bugs off for long.

After the game, share your scores on Twitter for the world to see!

Simply use your mouse to blast the bugs!
You earn a powerful Bug Bomb at 200 points and every 500 after-
Use by clicking on the icon (if enabled) or the 1 keyboard.
You earn health-restoring Building Repair kits every 500 points as well-
Use these by clicking on the icon (if enabled) or the 2 key on your keyboard.

The Full Version of Bug Attack! coming soon to Steam.

Available on Google Play and Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile.

Game Design, Program, and Graphics by Dave Vogt

Bug Attack! Theme by Aaron Hickman (https://soundcloud.com/diagamblic)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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